Haunted with the nightmare of his son’s kidnapping, James Cushway, a criminology lecturer with a drinking problem, decides to take the law into his own hands, recruiting a young though naïve rookie cop as well as his childhood best friend into starting a secret crime fighting organisation called The L.E.D. An unofficially sanctioned criminal investigative unit, The L.E.D operate beyond the shadows of our justice system, breaking the law all in an effort to protect it – to protect society at large.

James Cushway is a Black Zimbabwean now living in Cape Town, South Africa after taking refugee in London following the civil war that ravaged his own country. Although it seems like his intentions for forming the L.E.D are selfless, purely for the benefit of his society, we soon discover a dark truth to the formation behind the L.E.D, a truth bound to test the entire team beyond all measure and hope. Will this new crime fighting organisation remain united in their effort to uphold an oath for justice or will the entire organisation disintegrate into self serving vigilantes who end up causing more harm than good?